Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

Over 54 heat recovery steam generators designed and manufactured by Broach are operating worldwide in a comprehensive range of applications, capacities and configurations. Natural circulation, forced circulation, cogeneration, incineration, petrochemical, refining and power applications are all custom designed to fit the particular requirements of each project.

We can furnish bare-bones steam generating coils, or completely automated and integrated systems supplying high purity superheated steam at precisely controlled temperatures and pressures. Starting with a source of high temperature flue gas and treated boiler feed water, our scope of supply can include bypass ducting, modulation, dampers, supplemental firing, soot blowers, superheat attemperation control, vent silencers, de-aerator equipment, de-superheaters, feed water pumps, circulation pumps, fully dressed steam drums, blow down drums, sampling gear, control valves, interconnecting piping, state-of-the-art control systems and instrumentation supervising every aspect of the steam generating system.


• Heat Recovery Steam Generator
• Cogeneration Heat Recovery Equipment
• Heat Recovery Steam Boiler
• Steam Superheater
• Waste Heat Boiler

Current BTU's

Presently, we estimate that The G. C. Broach Company equipment is producing over 868.7 Billion BTU’s of heat each day.

Company News

Giant Heater Leaves for Panhandle

It required eight flatcars to load this one mammoth refinery heater built by the G. C. Broach Co., Tulsa. Seeing it on its way are, left the right, G. C. Cole, Tulsa freight agent for M-K-T Railroad; Cliff DeLay, production superintendent for Broach; and Clayton Broach, company president. The heater, which will be 35 ft wide, 55 ft long, and 90 ft tall when erected, will have a capacity of 166,000,000 Btu, according to the maker.  Read More...


We are certified under A.S.M.E. Sections I and VIII, The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and The People's Republic of China, Safety Quality License.  Read More...